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Kimo grew up overweight and assumed that he was always going to look that way, but he really hated it. He was constantly haunted by resentment for his body. In his late teens he hit a wall and realized he needed to make a change. He began to bike, which led to running, which led to yoga, which led to school to learn about the human body. He wanted to know that he was taking care of himself the right way and wanted to help people discover this possibility of a healthy life.


After attending the National Personal Training Institute he began his career at a large corporate gym but found it to be money-driven with a lack empathy for the client. So many people seek personal training because they need help and do not feel comfortable exercising, and the corporate gym did not do enough to create a positive environment.


Kimo's response was to strike out on his own, and in 2008 he started True Body Fitness out of a private home. He moved TBF to Detroit in 2010 and it was the best thing he's ever done. Since TBF opened here in Detroit he has felt part of a larger community, surrounded by supporters and brilliant thinkers. It is this support and all these great ideas that have molded TBF into what it is today. The TBF approach was and will always be ¨Fitness without the Attitude.” It is not about getting ripped or looking hot, it’s about having a life where you are active and health-conscious. The TBF goal is to create a community that supports our bodies and our minds (and Kimo tries his hardest to make it fun).

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A native of Nebraska, Justin has always led an active lifestyle both at the gym and playing team sports. While pursuing a degree in Physical Education, Justin realized his true passion was helping people of all ages attain their personal health and fitness goals.  In 2013 Justin moved to Michigan and attended the National Personal Training Institute. 

Justin is proud to be a part of the True Body Fitness team thanks to the focus on privacy and individual attention. Working one-on-one, Justin will take your specific goals and objectives into consideration and create a customized program just for you.  While training can be hard work, Justin also believes it should be fun and affirming -- showing you results that you love while inspiring you to stay with it.  Whether your goal is weight loss, improving overall fitness, core strength or building muscle, Justin is ready to design a program and make it a fun, positive experience.



Sitara Bird joins our team via online for classes! Head to our online schedule to take her HIITS, Yoga and Barre class. An online database is also available for all of her prior classes. For more info on this incredible human visit her Instagram link or visit her website.



A native to the metro Detroit area, Julian cultivated an interest in all sports which granted an appreciation for training and the other impactful effects physical exercise lends — character building, hardwork, diligence + dedication along with the practice of mindfulness. Julian has always lived a healthy + fit lifestyle which has inspired him to search for ways to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. The years of training and combined learned experience inside and outside of the gym has proven to him how important a role health + fitness can play in supporting mental health. What started out as a hobby to "look a certain way" or "to lift a certain amount" became a practice in self awareness. Fitness was a gateway for his passion to develop into other ways to support growth and evolution as a person.The past couple years, Julian has been studying to achieve the Personal Training Certification through ISSA and is continuing his education working towards specializing in Corrective Exercise and Sports Nutrition. Julian loves sharing his knowledge and inspiring positive ways to live a healthier life.

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