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We love our clients at every fitness level. Here's what they said about us. 

"I was referred to True Body Fitness prior to hip replacement surgery, in order to build muscle to facilitate recovery.  That was three years ago and Kimo has carefully and methodically worked with me twice weekly since, to stabilize my failing hip and generally improve my fitness level.  I'm stronger than I've every been and the quality of my life in general has improved because the newly developed strength Kimo has help build allows me to do things I'd given up - tennis in particular.  Kimo is dedicated to his clients and has great intuition for the specific needs of each individual, which is so unlike the experiences I've had at bigger commercial gyms over the years. Oh, and about that hip replacement:  I felt so much better after just a couple of months of working out at TBF that I have postponed the surgery indefinitely.”​

Peter Ruffner, client since July 2012

"I had no idea what to expect when I started working with a trainer. I get easily discouraged and bored so I thought maybe I’d quit after a couple of months but none of that happened with Justin. Since I’ve been working with him, I’ve received many compliments,  including “You look fit and healthy.” Training has been challenging, fun and interesting, and I’ve built a stronger body, lost weight, and kept it off. Last year, Justin encouraged me to step waaaay outside my comfort zone, and I started running -- something I haven’t done since I was forced to run in gym class. That says a lot about Justin’s success as a trainer. He never fails to encourage me or to take pride in my accomplishments, big or small. I’m amazed that I’m doing things that I couldn’t do before or wouldn’t try to do because of my lack of comfort or confidence. Justin helped me change my attitude about fitness and about myself."

Lynne Maday, client since May 2014

"I have worked out with Kimo twice a week for the last four years. Kimo has listened to my needs and come to understand what my body is capable of and makes sure every workout is designed just for me. For me, working out is about stress relief and feeling strong and healthy.  It was a priority that I felt good about each workout and didn't end up feeling burnt out and unmotivated to come each week.  Since I know other people who work out with Kimo, I know he's capable of meeting a large variety of client needs and I'm thankful he listens to me and makes sure I'm getting the workout I most need." 

Katy Locker, client since ​September 2011

“In the space of three months I have seen significant improvements in the way I look and my muscular strength. I never thought I would be able to see and feel significant changes in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend Kimo; he is very professional and will do everything he can to make you achieve your goalas. "   

Tony Conniff, client since July 2015 

"I started training with Jeni in preparation for my wedding. In the span of six months, I felt stronger, more confident and more in tune with my body. Jeni knows exactly how to push me, and she makes each session—both in the gym and in my at-home workouts—uniquely suited for my body and my personality. My wedding was six months ago, and I haven’t stopped training with Jeni; our sessions have become some of the most important hours of my week." 

Emily Siegel, client since September 2014 

"I started working with Justin a year ago and in addition to hard work, it has been an extremely positive and affirming experience! I have so much more core strength and a lot more cardio capacity. The results I've seen with the changes in my body and stamina have been worth all of the effort. Justin is encouraging, mixes up the workouts to keep me interested and happily works around some of my knee and low back issues. He is an awesome trainer (and person) and you will see great progress and have fun in the meantime! I never, ever thought I would make working out a priority in my life, but thanks to a great trainer, it is easy to do." 

Virginia Fallis, client since December 2014 

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