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Fitness Without the Attitude

True Body Fitness of Detroit is a progressive fitness studio that serves your needs on the path to a better you. Our loft-style studio located in the historic Corktown neighborhood is a comfortable environment where you can pursue your fitness goals without attitude or judgment. Our objective is to help you build and maintain a happier, healthier and better life.


Our team is the basis of this operation, and each member brings a unique perspective to the large spectrum of what it means to be “fit.” We offer a wide range of services to increase your fitness. 



One on one training is an excellent way to learn the precise way to excel with your body and your life. Whether you are looking for sports-specific training, weight loss / management, balance training, flexibility training, cardio training or metabolic training, True Body Fitness offers you custom solutions tailored to you and your goals.

            Paired Training


A cost-saving alternative to One-on-One training for a pair with similar fitness goals and capabilities. We can pair you with another client or you can sign up with your friends. Up to five people can train together.

            Group Training


Small classes catered to help each individual hit their goal.

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